Women in Peacebuilding​

About Program

There are widespread violent conflicts across our communities, or the world as a whole. In all of this, women are time and again excluded from participating in every important peace process. In fact, although it’s a well-known fact that women are the ones that bear the extreme brunt of these violent conflicts, their role is reduced to that of a victim and not placed at the center of efforts of prevention, reconciliation, and peacebuilding.


Women’s inclusion and participation in efforts of building and sustaining peace is overwhelmingly important.  TCC sees women participation as inevitable in any processes, initiatives, and platforms aimed at improving outcomes and achieving satisfactory lasting solutions to prevailing community problems.


The Women in Peacebuilding (WiP) program is aimed to empower women and girls to take an active role in addressing the problems of conflicts ravaging their communities. The WiP program seeks to close the overwhelming gap of women’s involvement in decision-making, designing, and building peace. With the WiP program, TCC purports to amplify and accelerate awareness about the immense contributions that women can make to prevent and resolve conflicts, support peacemaking initiatives; in representing broader and more diverse constituencies whilst considering their specific interest, concerns and needs throughout peace processes.


The WiP is tailored to empower women and girls to be able to actively participate in decision-making processes especially on issues that directly concern or affect their lives on top of capacitating them to leverage on their tremendous potentials to become decision-makers, and actors in efforts to building and sustaining peace; achieving economic development, and in attempts to promote reconciliation.

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