Who We Are

Our Story

Founded in 2021 as a nonprofit independent organization, by Moses Simbeye, The Conciliation Center (TCC) is committed to provide support to communities to enhance knowledge and understanding of conflict, restorative justice & practice, trauma dialogue and reconciliation etc.  and strengthening practical skills for constructing a just and sustainable peace. TCC programs are tailored to increase knowledge and accelerate skill-building among individuals, families, groups, and communities. Knowledge and skills are crucial elements in resolving existing as well as emerging range of conflicts.

At TCC, we believe conflict is an inevitable and pervasive aspect of our everyday lives. As such, wherever and whenever there is a conflict, we see conflict as an opportunity creating avenues to better understand ourselves and others deeply, and a time for strengthening personal relationships. For the most part, conflict signals the need for change.


The Conciliation Center also forwards its mission towards offering youth centered knowledge and capacity development programs made up of Youth ending violence & Building health relationships; Social-emotional support program, and Youth Listening Space & Talking Circles.

With our programs and services, we are able to impact individuals, families, communities, and organizations practices, knowledge, and attitudes in the way they look at and respond to conflict, harm, and violence.

Vision Mission & Core Values


We envision communities in which the worth and dignity of all people is fully realized, and people live in the right relationship and at peace with oneself and with others.


Our mission is to educate and support people to bring about more peaceful communities that value, support and promote creative constructive approaches to solving problems amicably and effectively.

Core Values


Connecting people


Creativity and Learning

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Respect & Appreciation

Meet Our Team!

Here is the team that is driving the vision

Moses E. Simbeye
Founder & Director moses.simbeye@concezm.org
Pamela Hanchobezyi

Director of Development

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Mashuko Kakunta
Communications & Operations Manager mashuko.kakunta@concezm.org
Arthur Natoyim
Program Manager arthur.natoyim@concezm.org
Ackim Munkombwe

Gender Program Manager

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Martha Simbuliani
Youth Program Manager martha.simbuliani@concezm.org
Habakku Muntanga

Training Coordinator