Teambuilding and Organization Skills

Teambuilding and Organization Skills

Teambuilding and Organization Skills

About Program

It is true to say that we live and flourish in groups and societies that are either small or large. To however live and flourish, we need to make every effort to ensure a common uniformity of values, norms and beliefs at individual, group or organization level is achieved. Team Building is an unavoidable accomplishment in an effort to build a common identity, focus, and aspirations at group level.

Team building as a process involves strengthening and building effective social relations within a team or groups. Aims at bringing a group of people to work synthetically through varying activities to substantially improve their efficiency and performance; promote motivation and cooperation; aligning individuals towards common goals and see to it that groups are working in harmony with each other for successful completion and implementation of projects.

Team building and organisation training is conducted by our well experienced trainers/instructors. In this training, participants will attain knowledge and competencies needed to work effectively as and/or part of a team in addition to working in harmony with each other. The training accords participants an opportunity to. learn constructive ways of how to build right and healthy relationships in a team, and ways of coordinating with each other in a team.

Our training program uses a variety of activities that are highly interactive. Sessions are lively and ever-
evolving. Sessions are supplemented with case studies, experiential learning, games, reflection exercises, role plays and scenarios to foster participants engagement, encourage participation and exchange of ideas and life experiences to enrich learning. The methodologies used during the training help participants to understand each other more and strengthen their ability to work together with others effectively. Participants are introduced to best practice strategies for maximizing the effectiveness of a team.

At the end of the training, participants will gain a wide range of knowledge and competency that include in:

● Communication skills
● Conflict resolution and peacebuilding
● Crisis management
● Cultivating people skills
● Delegating task and developing people
● Leadership and relationships
● Priorities and decision-making
● Project management
● Team development & work
● Time management, scheduling, and strategic planning
● Partnership

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