Domestic Violence Restorative Circles


Domestic Violence Restorative Circles

About Program

Domestic violence also known as family violence is one of the most pressing issues of our time. Domestic violence is from time-to-time is used as a synonym for intimate partner violence, which according to the Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention (CDC) is an abuse or aggression that is committed in a romantic relationship. Normalization and legitimization of domestic violence violates individuals’ basic human rights.

The Domestic Violence Restorative Circles (DVRC) program, serves to help communities as well as victim-survivors recover from harm, set things right, and prevent new violence’s from occurring. The program focuses at providing communities with skills and knowledge needed to transform cultural and social norms that validate and sustain violence.  

 Through the DVRC, victims get the opportunity to learn more about the perpetrator, make known of their feelings and needs and the different ways in which they have been harmed by the perpetrator. In contrast, offenders are educated about the effects of the offense or the wrongdoing they’ve committed and encouraged to take personal responsibility to make things right.  

Our DVR program ensures a safe and supportive space. Parties are encouraged to speak and listen deeply; to extend empathy, patience, kindness; urged to stay open-minded, honoring and to demonstrate respect. And from the outset, parties are told that whatever that is discussed in and/or during the DV restorative circles is never to be heard or discussed outside the circle.

Our well-designed sessions coupled with experienced facilitators, facilitate development of health and acceptable relationships, build and strengthen communities, and capacitate parties to be able to respond to future problems in a non-abusive and nonviolent way.

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