Conflict Analysis, Resolution & Peacebuilding


Conflict Analysis, Resolution & Peacebuilding

About Program

Conflict is often labeled with a negative connotation. In spite of that, the presence of conflict at any given point of time in our life, genuinely, signals the need for change. When conflict is dealt with constructively, peace emerges from it without further harm being done. Conflict presents a powerful opportunity to sharpen our senses, enable us to see our own inadequacy and narrow mindedness, and open us to others in new ways. In the same way, the presence of conflict leads us to a new and better understanding of the other party we are involved with in a conflict.

Implementing effective conflict intervention processes aid contending parties to move towards a peaceful and lasting change.  In which the outcome of the resolution ascertains the needs and concerns of all involved parties are recognized and met satisfactorily.

In this course, you will be empowered in conflict analysis & resolution, transformation etc. TCC strives to create an environment where participants feel they are safe, protected, supported and comfortable to share throughout the sessions. Participants are encouraged to share and learn from others in order to grow. They are encouraged to practice skills learned and encouraged to return back to share how they’ve been able to apply the learnt skills; share what has worked for them or has not worked with the Conciliation Center, and how best TCC can further support them.

Besides skill-building training, TCC does as well offer the following services:

  • Advising
  • Facilitating
  • Mediating
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