Anger Management Program​

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About Program

Anger is a natural, normal, and healthy emotion. Moreover, anger is an emotional response that we often have when both an internal and external event is perceived to be a threat or violation of what we hold valuable and dear to us.

While anger may be a normal, and healthy emotion, if suppressed or neglected, can have unbearable consequences. Unsolved anger is damaging to a person’s mental health and well-being. Makes a person feel hurt, helpless and hopeless. However, managing anger well leaves an individual feeling better, improves one’s relationships etc.

Our Anger Management program provides a great opportunity for you to acquire essential skills and techniques that can be used to respond to anger when you feel angry.  You will learn ways to identify and analyze anger triggers, and to decipher primary emotions that are usually expressed in the form of anger. At the end of the course, you should as well gain knowledge about conflict management, stress management, breathing techniques, self-awareness etc. Sessions are interactive, live and ever-evolving.

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