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Empowering people to transform conflict and build peaceful communities.

Who We Are

Stewards of peace…

About Us

Founded in 2021 as a nonprofit independent organization, by Moses Simbeye, The Conciliation Center (TCC) is dedicated to providing knowledge and practical skills for constructing a just and sustainable peace. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to educate and support people to bring about more peaceful communities that value, support
and promote creative constructive approaches to solving problems amicably and effectively.

Our Vision

We envision communities in which the worth and dignity of all people is fully realized, and people live in the right relationship and at peace with oneself and with others.

Community Programs

  • Women in Peacebuilding​

    There are widespread violent conflicts across our communities, or the world as a whole. In all of this, women are often excluded from participating in critical formal peace processes...Read More

  • Conflict Analysis, Resolution & Peacebuilding

    Conflict is often labeled with a negative connotation. In spite of that, the presence of conflict at any given point of time in our life, genuinely, signals the need for change...Read More

  • Domestic Violence Restorative Circles

    Domestic violence (DV) also known as domestic abuse or family violence is among the most pressing and prevalent problems we are faced with today. Domestic violence...Read More

  • Restorative Justice & Practice

    When a crime is committed, Restorative Justice (RJ) views the perpetrated crime as violation of human relationships, as harming the victim(s), communities and indeed the offenders too as opposed to crime being understood as simply violation of the law...Read More

Core Values


Connecting people


Creativity and Learning

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Respect & Appreciation

Youth Program

Ending Violence & Building Health Relationships

Many young people are going through or likely to go through a violent relationship. Exposure to violence has left many of them in depression and anxiety, engaging in unruly or harmful behaviors in addition to being antisocial.

Youth Program

Listening Space
Talking Circles

Conciliation Center Zambia

Our listening space and talking circles are peacemaking sessions designed for youths and young adults based on the principles of power sharing and equal participation of parties in a reconciliation and dispute resolution…

Youth Programs


The social-emotional support program is a mental health and well-being program. Through this program, our experienced counselors provide emotional support and many other opportunities and services that meet the needs….

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